Patient Resources

Insurance and Billing

If You Have Health Insurance

If you have health insurance, we will need a copy of your identification card. We will call your insurance company to verify eligibility and benefit coverage and to determine whether prior authorization and/or pre-certification is required for your hospitalization or surgery. Most commercial insurance companies require the patient to notify them of a hospital admission. If you have questions or concerns about your insurance coverage, please call our Patient Services Office at 541-296-7504.

If You Are Covered by Medicare or Medicaid

If you receive Medicare or Medicaid benefits, we will bill your insurance for you. Deductibles and co-payments are your responsibility unless they are covered by a supplemental insurance plan.

If You Do Not Have Health Insurance

If you do not have health insurance, please contact an MCMC patient accounts representative at 541-296-7504 to discuss your payment options. Financial assistance may be available under certain circumstances.

Your Hospital Bill

Your bill reflects all of the services you receive during your stay at MCMC. Charges fall into two categories:

  1. A basic daily rate, which includes your room, meals, nursing care, housekeeping, telephone and television.
  2. Charges for special services, which may include physician-ordered services such as X-rays, laboratory tests or surgical procedures.

If certain tests or treatments are performed during your stay, you may receive bills from physicians you did not see in person. These fees are for professional services involved in the diagnosis and interpretation of your test results. Such specialists include radiologists, pathologists, anesthesiologists and other physicians who perform these services and are required to submit a bill separate from the hospital’s bill. If you have any questions regarding this, please call the number on the statement you received.

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