Meet the Team

Nick Dills, PT, DPT

Nick Dills, PT, DPT

Prior to becoming a PT, Nick owned and operated a successful athletic sports performance, and strength and conditioning business in Portland Oregon. During his time working with amateur and professional athletes, he recognized the limitations of his previous education and work experience and decided to become a PT in order to more fully expand his ability to diagnose and treat sports related injuries, as well as progress high level strength and conditioning work.

Nick is passionate and excited about treating high school and adult athletes and works closely with MCMC's Sports Medicine department to treat any and all sports related injuries. He also works the MCMC athletic training team to help provide sideline medicine coverage for high school sporting events. In addition to his robust athletic treatment schedule, Nick enjoys treating foot and ankle patients, and building custom foot orthotics in the MCMC orthotics lab.

Nick has a long history of competing in strongman, powerlifting, club rugby, and collegiate lacrosse. In more recent years, has rediscovered his love for outdoor recreation, including skiing and mountain biking, in the Gorge where he grew up.

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